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Photos of litter "M" at the age of 1 week are uploaded. (Under menu Planned Litters.)


Litter "M" was born, 11 puppies, 9 bitches and 2 dogs. More information and photos under the menu Planned litters.
Puppies of litter "L" will move to their new homes this weekend. Photos coming soon...


News, photos and video of Litter "L"! Link to litter "L" site under the menu Planned Litters.


Litter "L" was born! More information and link to litter "L" site under the menu Planned Litters.


New litter plan under the menu planned litters! The birth of puppies will be due at the beginning of July!


We started updating our dogs sites and galleries. Beads gallery is updated. Navs and Teps sites are added. The rest will soon follow...

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