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  Herding theory - Herding practice - Herding trials elements

Herding and herding training

Herding is a complex sport that requires lots of investments.

Herding training cannot be efficient without:

  • suitable (abilities born with!) dog
  • aware trainer with professional knowledge and
  • sheep and fields suitable for the developing the dogs knowledge and widening his experience
  • regular training and practicing.

During training a dog for herding we teach him how to use his instict and abilities.
These instict and abilities are present at birth. If not, they cannot be supplied later on and herding cannot be tought as a pack of obedience excercises.

Inside the farm and on the fields around we have the opportunity to work with each dog according to its level and training goal. Round pen, larger areas within the fences, many acres of open fields on hillsides and lowlands are all available.

May your aim be a dog doing the daily tasks with the flock, a herding exam or attending international trials, we're at your service.