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  About Us
Evelin Balássy
My dogs and time spent with them have always been a meanful part of my life. With my border collies we tried and practice different dog sports. Herding became our first priority and we're excelling in it almost for a decade. My dogs have proved their abilities on working exams, national and international trials.
I widened my knowledge and experience at seminars of well known trainers, trialists and judges, by visiting trainings abroad, by reading professional books and by watching teaching videos.
We're witnesses of the transformation of the border collie. We must admit that the breed is loosing its importance as sheepdog specially in countries where there's no need of the everyday work of a sheepdog. However the sheepdog carries features and abilities that give the opportunity to this breed to become universal sport dog still preserving the herding instict and abilities of their anchestors on high level.
As training and handling universal sport dogs requires another type of professional knowledge and experience I attended a dog trainers course and after theoretical and practical exams got my state recognized certificate.
Since the foundation of Hungarian Sheep Dog Society (HSDS) in 2007 I'm the secreatary of the society.
Ákos Balássy
My wifes enthusiasm for dogs and dog training has become a meanful part of my life too. Many-many miles on Europes highways. Feleségem kutyák és kutyakiképzés iránti lelkesedése az én életemnek is meghatározó részévé vált. Sok-sok ezer kilométer Európa útjain. Now to Belgium to pick up a puppy, now to Germany for stud, now to Austria for traialing. At the beginning I only accompanied Evelin to different doggy programs but later on I started playing roles in it. I was translating, building trial cours, organizing, transacted.
Some years ago we came to a great decision, there was an opportunity for us and we bought the Blessed Borders farm. Néhány éve megérett bennünk az elhatározás, adódott egy lehetőség és megvettük a Blessed Borders Farmot. Managing the farm and our cikta flock are granting that my days in the future will be free of boredom. :)
Lidi Balássy
My main task at the time is to make sure that our dogs and pups are well socialized. :)