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Training the dog

Successful training of a dog is based on 3 main criterias:

  • Suitable dog
    The dog is in possess of those talents and abilities (was born with them) and physical features which make him able to be trained for the chosen task.
  • Suitable relation between dog and owner (/handler)
    To achieve a good result the dog shouldn't only be a subject of the training but he must take part in it. Above that the dog is suitable for training, the owner (/handler) must be his leader and they must be in harmony with each other.
  • Suitable method
    The method must be chosen according to the dogs personality and training goal.

The goal of training:
When choosing the goal of the training we must consider that the dog has abilities born with and abilities can be developed. Abilities the dog was born with determinate for what and how much he'll be suitable. Not taking it into consideration is a very big mistake that leads to failures and in many cases to distruction of the dog.
The goal of the training is to make the best out of a dog by knowing his personality and abilities.

The trainer:
The trainer is a person who has the knowledge and experience to evaluate a dogs personality and abilities, decides if the dog is suitable for the task desired by the owner, choses the method which will give good result and applies the method the right way.


As a dog trainer my first priority is to create the right relationship between dog and its owner. This is tha basic of any kinds of further trainings. The most important thing I think is to own a dog that has no problems with basic obedience in everydays and can be handled easily in any situation. If you have a dog like that, life (yours, your dogs and people around you) will be free of stress. Not only that but you and your dog will be a good team for further higher level trainings and trials - if you wish.

I prefer individual training and state that both positive and negative feed backs are necessary for the dog. I condemn the maltreatment of dogs and using training methods applying force on the dog without taking his personality in consideration but don't even share enthusiasm for "just positively" methods. Successful training is based on the right combination of positive and negative feed backs. (Just think of that a bitch disciplines her pup when it's needed or an older dog "treats" a younger one in case it's naughty. Or simply ask your self the question what would happen if you'd try to bring up a child without disciplining him sometimes.)

Dogs have inherited insticts and behaviours which differ from humans'. Don't try to treat them as humans! Doing this you make him confused about his position in hierarchy - in worst case he defines it differently that leads to serious problems - and out of this he feels insecure and frustrated.

A well balanced dog knows his position in the gradiation undoubtly, honours his leader and wants to please him. This is the very basic of successful training and in lack of it any methods are determined to failure. Having a just and consequent leader makes the dog well balanced and feel secure.

Owners very first lesson is to learn how to be such a leader and based on this knowledge build the right connection with their dogs.

If you wish to put it into practice you're welcome! :)